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Instructed by: 

Trevor Warner

Ball field's require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and in a safe condition for public use. This program will teach you how to maintain every aspect of your ball field, from home plate to infield, through practical hands-on experiences. 

Through this workshop you will be learning and practicing:

  • Safety Issues
  • Equipment Required
  • Home Plate Maintenance
  • Mound Maintenance
  • Edge and Lip Maintenance
  • Infield Grooming

This course is hands-on and will be conducted outdoors so proper PPE is mandatory (appropriate outdoor work clothes, steel toed boots, gloves, safety glasses, ear protection etc.).

This course is worth 1 credit towards your Parks Practitioner Designation.

    Want to host this session? 

    For this session we require a ball field with washroom facilities nearby and maintenance equipment be available. Please ensure that there is an area with picnic tables or benches nearby for breaks.

    • Classroom or meeting space within walking distance of the ball field to accommodate 20 attendees with chairs - this is simply for breaks and should bad weather arise we have a space to return to
    • Ball diamond/field with washroom facilities nearby or on site
    • Infield grooming equipment
    • Sod cutter
    • 1 bag of chalk
    • Bagged mound clay (approx. 20 bags)
    • 1000 - 2000 lbs of infield material for edging practical - please have a small tractor loader or gator or equivalent with dump box available to bring material to the field
    • Source of water

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